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LIX                           TAMERLANE                          215
and in an absolute monarch this constitutes a virtue of
no mean order.
His achievements seemed almost to border on the
superhuman. He carried his arms in every direction
throughout a long life, in no campaign was he worsted,
and when he died, as Gibbon says, "From the Irtish
and Volga to the Persian Gulf and from the Ganges to
Damascus and the Archipelago, Asia was in the hands
of Timur."
Tamerlane lies in a domed mausoleum at Samarcand.
The cenotaph consists of a block of dark jade, believed
to be the largest in the world, the actual tomb being
situated in a vault below. I count it a special privilege
to have visited the tomb of this great maker of history,
where he lies with his relatives and his spiritual leader
and is still known as "the Amir."